handmade leather bags

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favourite  available in tan, black, brown, dark chocolate and green

black favourite with stars and green trim

russet (natural un-dyed leather) with red cuff, will darken to a golden honey colour with age

blue with red trim

bright red

traditional tan

 robyn one of the new styles this year: comes with two detachable handles, one long one short

hand painted green and russet

hand painted purple and russet

hand painted red and russet

Yellow, shown here with short handle on

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billy  with a long and short detachable handle

purple with green trim

purple with yellow trim

red with short handle shown

yellow with red trim

yellow with green trim

blue and blue, shown here with short handle attached

yellow and blue

brown and black

green and yellow

vibrant orange and purple

pink and green

red and russet

purple and green

purple and red

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black yellow daisy

brown and pink daisy

plain red and tan with yellow stitching

green and green daisy

pink and pink daisys

black and pink daisy

plain russet and black

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black and russet

blue and blue discs

blue and dark green

burgundy and burgundy stars

chocolate and very dark green

navy blue and bright green trim

bright shiney red

tan and blue

tan and dark green

hand painted yellow with stars

hand painted yellow and red

black and red

navy blue and russet

brown and russet

russet and black

tan and russet

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cutie  also looks really good in black and tan or brown and black

black and red cutie, can you see the little brass feet they have?

black and tan

red and black

tan and russet

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cyra always elegant in black/russet or all black

tan and brown gusset

mid brown with dark tan gusset

very dark blue

green with russet

burgundy and russet

black and red

black with tan stripe

blue with burgundy

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megan  available in any combination of  colours

burgundy and blue

tan and russet

black and russet

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button   stunning in black and tan or red and tan

brown and back, very elegant

russet with black handles

tan and russet

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briefcase  made to order, but here are some examples

two compartment case, in tan 350

two main compartments, seen here in brown 350

stand out with a wow factor red case!

plain, simple and beautiful 250

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boxes  click gifts and jewellery for details and to order


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